Born In A Barn – Bill’s (late) Christmas Message

I invite you to Bill’s ‘Film Premiere’…

If you’d like to see Bill develop please sub my YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching, merry Christmas and a happy new year to y’.


Haute Couture

Stitching up a dalesman…

Daleman 2

Daleman 1 

Daleman 3Daleman 4


Daleman 5

Coming soonish…

John Hobbes 1.2

Where the back of the Earth was broken,

Before man was born or North name spoken;

Where the ice cowered and fled again,

And Great Oaks bowed in bronzen flame;

Where rings were raised for tattooed Kings,

Before Bede had dreamt of Angels wings;

Where the timeless tongue sings out yet,

Stands John Hobbes’ and the blood stone set.


Pipe schmoker 1

Flat cap duel 2 - Blog


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