The Last Three Generation Tenancy

Lake 90 Top 1


So the valley held us

Every shale-y bank known root to sod,

How easy it was then to make this place our own.


Yet grown we cling here still – hanging on;

Oh how I’ll miss this, my moss and sandstone Kingdom,

When it’s done and gone;

Now hold me close to this once-a-home.


Though still I can’t bear the sight,

These ghosts and nettles,

That stench of displaced lives;

Oh if this is what our home is yet to be…

I ‘best move on.


Let the old script run again,

One last time,

No I’ll not stand against my own,

To put down that work long owing.


So the old man’ll let it go,

– or they’re like’ to push him,

For, despite what they may say,

He’s not ‘much fight in him these days.


No, there’ll be no tractor ‘cross the track,

Just an open gate and a teary face,

And that world of ‘belonging’ won’t mean a thing,

Should Cundell’s come rolling in.


So there,

In a blink,

The kids we were,

This land they owned,

Will pass, for us, to memory.

…Which is what I’d asked for anyway.


JPW 25.08.14


Lake 90 Bottom 1


One thought on “The Last Three Generation Tenancy

  1. I love this …although I am currently the victim of the three generation tenancy thing …. evicted after 14 years to rehouse a surly farmers son who could easily live nearby until another house becomes available ( within 12 months). Its complicated but no compassion has been shown to me and my love for this place, The North York Moors, goes deeper than the roots of the big oak tree at Moorside House . x

    Thank you for your comment on Witchmountain…the Farndale evictions were a disgrace.


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